Who is this Galoot of whom you speak?

My name is Todd McGee and I live in Northern California, right on the coastside a few miles south of San Francisco. My wife and I have 4 kids, born in the span of 6 years. In order from oldest to youngest we have a boy, girl, girl, boy. They are my pride and joy. If laughter keeps you young my kids will help me live forever.


I decided to write a blog because it was a good way for me to explore some concepts related to my job, as Assistant Director of Systems Software at HighWire Press. but if I’m going to blog I’m going to write about the things that matter to me, like my kids, my wife, our family and our lives together. Along the way I’ll probably delve into things I do for fun, like mountain biking and woodworking. And if I’m desperate for topics I have a nearly endless collection of stories about what it was like growing up in a very large family in Iowa and Wyoming.

If there’s somethign that I write that strkes your fancy, feel free to let me know about it. I’d love to hear your feedback. If you’re reading this page, I suggest you go next to my first posting, it’s the best story I have to tell.


One Comment on “Who is this Galoot of whom you speak?”

  1. Will Hangen Says:

    Loved that writeup on old time Skeggs history… used to ride there in the nineties (still do somewhat) and I used to get completely jazzed, scared and sometimes lost; ie just generally having a great time. I

    agree with your conclusion about how they ‘cleaned’ it up supposedly to keep mt bikers safe. What a shame that was. We’ve gained a few ‘nice’ local trails over the years, but have lost so much that was really great.

    Oh Well, great blog… keep up the good work.


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