Three cents an hour

A few months ago the Big Boy sold popcorn for his Cub Scout troop. He ended up selling more than $250 worth of popcorn and got a spiffy $10 bill as a prize. Basically they paid him his piece of the take. For a 7-year old that’s a pretty nice return and he’s very proud of himself for having earned it. The bill is still in his bank, we haven’t really let the kids spend money from their banks yet, it all gets deposted in their savings account.

Last night I was  emptying my pockets on the kitchen counter after work the Boy picked up the pocket change I’d gotten somewhere yesterday. He asked “Daddy, is this the money you got for going to work today?” and I answered “No, that’s just some change I got from a store”.

“Good”, he replied, “because that’s only 21 cents and that’s not very much for a whole day of work.”

I think he was going to suggest I give up my day job and go into popcorn sales.

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