The Tiger Attack was Roid-Rage

Okay, by now the whole world knows about the incident at the San Francisco Zoo where a tiger got out of its enclosure and attacked three young men, killing one of them. The thing that’s really odd about this is that the enclosure in question was originally built in the 1940s and has housed tigers in the past with no previous escapes. I think I know why this tiger was able to get out now, it took a hint from major league baseball.

Take a moment and think about Hank Aaron’s home run record. Hank broke the previous record back in 1972 and for years other players tried to break his record and failed. For quite a while this record seemed to be an unbreachable barrier and in fact no one succeeded in breaking the record until some goober in San Francisco shot a bunch of steroids into his hiney and developed a whole new level of hitting power.

It seems likely that the folks at the San Francisco Zoo would follow this clear cut path to success and turn to performance enhancing drugs when trying to overcome their own unbreachable barrier. Yep, the tiger attack was nothing more than a bad case of roid-rage.

Now the real question is why the zookeepers are trying to create a race of super tigers.

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