Kids these days don’t know how to rebel

My family lives out in the boondocks, which may seem weird given that we’re a 20 minute drive from downtown San Francisco but it’s true.

Our house is on the edge of a big tract of preserved open space and old ranchland so when we look out at Montara mountain at night there are very few lights visible. This makes it really easy to tell when some of the local kids have driven out on the old ranch roads and gone out parking on the local lovers lane overlook. The other day I took my wife and kids out on a hike and we ended up walking through the lovers lane area and I was a bit nervous about what we might find. Sure enough, as we got closer I could see the remnants of some midnight partying on the ground. but then we got even closer and saw that what had been left behind was a dozen Keystone beer cans and a few used condoms.

I am so disappointed in kids these days. What has become of today’s youth? Going out on lovers lane and having safe sex while drinking non-alcoholic beer? Fake beer and fake sex? What the heck kind of rebellion is *that*? Where’s the irresponsibility? Where’s the potential for life-derailing screwups? Sheesh. What are we teaching this generation?

When I was a kid we used to ride motorcycles without a helmet out to the mountains west of Cheyenne, Wyoming, climb up on the exposed rock outcroppings, eat psychedelic mushrooms and drink fifths of bad whiskey (a surefire recipe for puking if ever there was one, btw). Getting down without falling to our death was just part of the rebellion. Sometimes we’d carry scissors with the points up just to make it a bit more dangerous. And the unprotected sex with nearly anonymous partners? Forget about it!

Today’s youth have been so scarred and so scared by our screwups that they wouldn’t dream of a decent rebellion. That’s really sort of sad.

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