The second raccoon

Okay, third post for today, better make this one amusing.

About a year after I mistakenly put my mailing address on a dead raccoon my wife called me at work and told me that she’d had a heck of a time getting the kids to school on time that morning. It seems that a raccoon had been hit by a car and was lying by the side of the road. It was all she could do to get them to continue walking past the beastie and finish the walk to school.

Frankly I sort of saw this as her raccoon to deal with, I’d had my fill of them so I basically ignored the issue until a few days later she called again and told me that the now mouldering carcass had been kicked into the soggy ditch and the kids were quite upset that the raccoon was now getting wet. Still, it didn’t seem like an issue that required my immediate attention so I made “hmmm’ing” sounds and said “oh, that’s too bad” and went on doing whatever it is I do at work.

A few days later the raccoon became my problem when the Little Girl, just barely 2 years old at the time, greeted me at the door with tears in her eyes and the pronoucement that “Baby ‘accoon dead, Mama ‘accoon SAD!”.

At least this time I remembered not to put any identifying documents into the garbage bag with the critter. Sure made disposal a lot easier. And for the record, that was no baby ‘accoon. He was full grown and soaking wet.

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