Kayaking with Kids

This past weekend I took the two Big Kids out kayaking in Pillar Point Harbor. We’ve done this once before, about a year ago and the weather was so unseasonably warm on Saturday afternoon that we just had to do it again.

We rented a sit-on-top kayak that seats three from Half Moon Bay Kayak and then paddled around the boats and the outer harbor for about 90 minutes. Mid-way through the trip we stopped and pulled the boat up on the beach and let the kids play on the breakwater that separates the harbor from Mavericks. It was high tide so we didn’t get to see much in the way of starfish or crabs on the breakwater but we did get visited by a number of harbor seals and a curious sea otter who surfaced right beside the boat. He played in the kelp for a while, washed his face and then rolled over and splashed us as he disappeared. We also saw a plethora of pelicans and other birds but, as Eeyka says, “those pelicans are too stinky” to want to hang around them for long.

When we got ready to be done I called the Wife and she brought the other kids down to the harbor to meet us. We tossed a life jacket on little Wo Wo and she got a 5 minute kayak trip so she wouldn’t feel so left out. As we pushed away from the beach three harbor seals came slipping past so she got to see them pretty close. Her favorite part was when we turned around and then sprint-paddled the 200 yards to the beach. That was not so much Daddy’s favorite part.

We got everyone washed up and back in the van for the trip home. It was then that the Eeyka told us that she liked kayaking but maybe next time she could bring a toy or a book because it takes a long time to paddle. So much for me thinking that they were looking forward to the next time.

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