She Ate … What?

I am a Bad Dad or so my lovely wife has recently informed me. This morning I was rearranging some things in the garage and had to move our containers of glow sticks. You know, those straws filled with fluorescent stuff that glow when you snap them and mix the components. I have a few hundred of these left over from our last Dads and Kids campout with the church (I’ll describe that some other time) and today I gave each of the kids a glow stick to play with while they ate their breakfast. I thought they’d have fun with them.

About an hour later my wife is hunting for the container to find out if the components are poisonous. Turns out that the stuff is not toxic so we don’t have to call poison control (we have them on speed dial we call them so often). Seems like the kids decided to recreate one of the scenes from the Curious George movie in which George and the Man eat lightning bugs and their tongues glow in the dark. The Big Girl was refusing to come get her teeth brushed because she had her mouth glowing and didn’t want to lose the affect.

I got IM’d a little while ago and got the story. The conversation went something like this:

Me: so how glowing was her tongue? did it last until she got to school?

The Wife: she wasn’t glowing that I could tell, although she clearly got some in her mouth

Me: aw, that’s a little disappointing

The Wife: just because it is non-toxic doesn’t mean we need to make a game out of it, Mister Dads do it Differently

Me: oh come on
Me: are you saying that you don’t think it’d be cool to have a glowing tongue for halloween? how cool would that be !?!

Maybe I’ll give it a try tonight. She probably didn’t pick the right color.

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One Comment on “She Ate … What?”

  1. Jeff Says:

    The contents are definitely NON-TOXIC! If you want to learn what makes a glow stick work visit our blog at: Its got great easy to understand information and a great graphic to show you how it works.

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