won’t be a real parent blog until you blog about poo

Whenever two or more parents are together the conversation eventually turns to poo. That’s just a given. So today is poo-day on the Big Galoot’s Guide. If you’re not interested in poo-talk just move along.

I have two poo stories. The first is the day not long after our first child was born when I sat down at the computer in the morning and said to myself, “How did I get mustard on my hands first thing in the morning? Oh wait, that’s not mustard!” It’s funnier when you realize that I was typing that same line in our work-related chat-channel as I was saying it to myself. I’m still living that one down.

The other story is from this morning. Today the Big Boy, whom Wo Wo calls Unnen, came wandering upstairs and told me that he had lots of ow’s all over. I asked him where he hurt and he said he hurt above his tummy and below his tummy. Then he announced that he needed to do poo. I was getting dressed in the other room and called in to ask if he was done and the reply I got was “I got the daddy poo and the baby poos out but the mama poo is stuck, it’s got a big tall mast and it won’t come out.” Several minutes minutes elapsed while I tried to stop laughing into the pillow that I grabbed and held over my mouth.

A short time later as I was preparing to leave the house I heard my wife ask Unnen, “why is it always the mama poos that hurt the most?” Another one for the list of things you never thought you’d hear yourself say before you had kids …

Edit: The title of this post was taken from an IM with E. When I asked her if I thought it was appropriate to blog about poo she responded with the title of this post.

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2 Comments on “won’t be a real parent blog until you blog about poo”

  1. Tina Underwood Says:

    Our non-parent frends find it both strange and appalling that, as a parent, changing a poopy diaper is sometimes a relief. A poopy diaper is a simple problem that can be fixed easily and quickly. Kids go from unhappy to chipper in a matter of minutes.

    Some other things are not so easy to fix, like the peeled banana that has broken in two, causing our then 18-month old to wail and cry because he wanted a whole banana like a big boy and not one in chunks like a baby. Toothpicks didn’t work and it was the only banana in the house. The things we do for our kids…

  2. Mike Says:

    Our daughter likes to call us and say, “Look. A whole family of poopies.”

    Where do kids come up with this stuff? I think they chat with each other on the internet when we fall asleep.

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