Family of God, 2006

We got back from church camp yesterday afternoon, a little tired and happy to be home. We were at the Family of God conference that our church does every year. This is the conference when the whole family is welcome, as compared to the separate Men’s and Women’s Retreats that my wife and I have gone to. We weren’t realy sure what to expect and were more than a little worried about how meal times and bed times would go. I wouldn’t say that meals were easy but they were considerably better than I might have feared and all in all the weekend was big fun.

We had meetings Friday night and Saturday morning but then Saturday afternoon was family play time. We did the train ride through the redwood trees, collected pumpkins from the top of the mountain, rode the train down the mountain with our pumpkins, then headed back to the conference for game time. The Little Boy (who is one now) got pretty excited about playing with the soccer ball we had with us. The others went into the game room and played air hockey. We wanted to do the climbing wall but the wait-list was too long and the little ones needed some down time. So we had about 45 minutes of Toy Story 2 (yay portable DVD player) and then got dressed for the evening.

Saturday night was a short session (with an incredibly moving presentation by John Ortberg) and then square dancing in the field house. The kids wore their cowboy hats that they got last year in Cheyenne and the girls wore their western dresses with the fringe around the hem. I got to try out my spiffy new Ariat boots (very comfy). The dance was one of the big highlights for us. Our friends Don and Lisa watched the boys while my wife and I took the girls out to square dance. We ended up in separate groups of 8 but were close eough that we could keep tabs on each other. My partner was Wo Wo, my wife got the Big Girl, Eeyka. You might think that it’d be risky taking a 2.5 year old to square dance with 6 strangers but they were all very tolerant of her and we all had fun. She hung in like a trooper and got the hang of having to dance with her “corner” some of the time. Some moves we just told her to stand still and then danced around her but that was really only the left-right reel. Everything else she and I managed to pull off fairly well.

After the first set of dances all the kids who had dressed up lined up for the “Best Western Costume” contest. The adults applauded for each of the kids in turn to show their votes for best costume. It’s a church conference so everyone was declared winners but the obnoxious parent in me is compelled to say that my girls got the most applause, particularly Wo Wo.

After the contest we collected the boys from Don and Lisa, who were having fun being surrogate grandparents for the weekend, and went off to bed. The next day we had people coming from everywhere to tell us how cute the kids had been. We forgot our camera but lots of pictures were taken so I’ll post a link when/if they get made available.

When we left after the Sunday sessions and lunch I had been hoping to take everyone on a short hike in Henry Cowell State Park. But when 3 of the 4 kids and the wife fell asleep in the car before we got done dropping the keys off at the registration desk it was fairly obvious that we should head for home.

We got home with just enough time for my to climb on the roof and empty the pine needles out of the rain gutters. Funny how quickly the relaxation ends and regular life begins again.

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One Comment on “Family of God, 2006”

  1. Erika Says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

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