What’s up Doc?

Last night was time for Wo Wo’s first trip to the urgent care facility for x-rays. Each of our kids has had something xrayed around the age of 2 and a half and apparently she decided that last night was her turn.

We have a table in our hallway that has no purpose in life except to look pretty and to hold a few seasonal pretty things off the floor. Given the time of year that table now has a bunch of miniature pumpkins and gourds on it and she was pulling herself up on the table to get a closer look. A few moments later the table, gourds, bowls and candles are laying on top of her foot and she was shrieking. My wife scooped her up and given the swelling, bruising and shrieking she decided that a trip to the doc was in order.

I met the rest of the family at the urgent care office and Wo Wo and I went in to be seen while everyone else had playtime in the waiting room. After a few xrays and an examination the decision was reached that there was no fracture and we headed for home. She’s still limping and reluctant to put any weight on it and probably will be like that for a couple days but she let me put a shoe on it this AM so she’s already better than she was last night.

If we were first-time parents we might have some hope that she’ll learn not to pull herself up on tables from now on but we’ve been through this a bit and we’ve come to recognize that a stubborn refusal to learn from past experiences is a well defined family trait, observable in both parents and progeny. So I figured I’d share my notes from past visits to urgent care in hopes that they might benefit others:

  • Goldfish crackers fix everything, bring some for the injured and the siblings
  • Stickers fix what goldfish can’t, bring some or raid the doc’s supply
  • Latex gloves can be inflated as balloons and can transform crying and scared to giggling and silly
  • Books, lots of books. Steal some from the waiting room and bring them back with you if you have to
  • Spare clothes in the back of a minivan can fix many problems, from throwing up in the car seat to running out of the house without shoes on
  • There’s always time to grab a blankie and a special stuffed toy
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One Comment on “What’s up Doc?”

  1. Erika Says:

    Wow, knock on wood none of my kids have been xrayed. Glad it turned out OK!

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