Timid Woodland Creatures

I am at war with the timid woodland creatures who traverse and inhabit my back yard. From the gophers who like to poke their heads up out of their holes as I mow the lawn to the skunks, raccoons, possums and other critters who like to use our back yard as a thoroughfare I have vowed to vanquish them all. This enmity of is not of my doing, they started it.

A couple years ago when I was tucking the Big Boy into bed we heard some screeching and yowling out in the back yard. Leaving the Boy on his bed I went into the other room to turn on the lights in the back yard. As soon as I did I heard the Boy holler from the other room “Daddy, that raccoon has two heads!”

Yep, raccoons doing a nasty little show in our back yard. That was the opening shot in my little war. The struggle continues …

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2 Comments on “Timid Woodland Creatures”

  1. Erika Says:

    Mow faster.

  2. Rebecca Aguilar Says:

    Don’t you know that’s how “country” folks learn about that sort of thing?

    Cows, horses, goats, they’re all exhibitionists.

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