One heck of a week

This has been a heck of a busy week. The Big Girl got her first bike, the Little Boy turned 1 year old, the Big Girl turned 5, the Big Boy got his training wheels off his bike yesterday, and tomorrow the Big Girl and Little Boy have checkups/immunizations. Between the two of them they’re going to get 8 shots, I believe. That is not going to be a fun set of appointments.

On top of that work was a real bear this week, I spent most nights working from home trying to hold our search system together. We’re all ready for a family weekend. We’ll do a little of the pumpkin fest and watch the parade but other than that we’re going to spend the weekend hanging around the house. Hopefully we’ll make it up to the local school to ride bikes. Our shared babysitting looks like it will probably fall through but I’m not going to regret that all that much.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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2 Comments on “One heck of a week”

  1. Erika Says:

    Sorry about the babysitting, but have a great pumpkiny weekend!

  2. tpmcgee Says:

    Yeah, our friends have family coming into town for the pumpkin festival so tey probably won’t be able to watch the kids. I’m hoping instead to take the family on a hike out on some of the informal trails. There’s one that leads through a pumpkin farm hidden away down an out of the way valley, the kids will think that’s cool.

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