Left meets right

I gew up in Iowa and I consider myself to have a pretty solid set of traditional midwestern values, along with a severe case of Latent Midwest Envy Syndrome. California is a pretty place but the weather is boring and some of the natives are downright odd.

This weekend my traditional Christian conservative values collided with a big chunk of extremely liberal California in our back yard, during my daughter’s birthday party. One of the guests was the mother of my daughter’s new best friend at kindergarten, let’s call her Hannah. Hannah lives about 1/4 mile from us and in a whole different universe. You see, they’re hippies. Actual dirty-footed, birkenstock-wearing, peace march-demonstrating, power-to-the-people hippies.

In the world of Hannah and her parents the new principal at the local school is a fascist for enforcing the no parking zone in the parking lot. Apparently many things in their world are fascist because when Hannah wanted someone to play with her Hannah’s mom told her that the other kids didn’t have to follow Hannah’s directions and asked her “What are you, some kind of fascist?” Mind you, Hannah is 5 and her mom is calling her a fascist. That should work out well later in life.

In their world the new principal is brainwashing the kids to swear allegiance to the current administration’s policies when she reads the Pledge of Allegiance over the PA, right after reading the lunch menu. And what’s worse is that the principal doesn’t have “the decency to remove that offensive line.” I think we can guess which line is being referred to.

Hannah and her parents are vegetarians. They’d be vegans but Hannah’s mom refuses to give up cheesecake. This leaves Hannah’s mom with an overriding fear that keeps her up at night. She lives in terror that when Hannah’s grandparents take Hannah for the day they might take her to McDonald’s and feed her meat. This, she explained, would be the worst thing that could happen to their family.

Mind you, I was munching on a chicken salad sandwich while she was telling me this. We didn’t really respond to her rants but I think she knew we didn’t exactly see eye to eye.

But whether we agree or not our girls seem to like to play together. So we’re going to try some playdates. I think they’d be more comfortable if the paydate was at their house and I know I’d rather it happen at our house but I suppose we’re both going to have to let go a little. Our girl will probably learn about how to go limp when the police cuff you at a demonstration. Maybe we’ll teach Hannah how to pray.

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  1. John Says:

    Interesting Post!

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