Date night desperation

This weekend is the Half moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. Over Saturday and Sunday more than 500,000 people will come to our little town that normally has fewer than 30,000 residents for a massive craft fair and some pumpkin memorabilia. And one kick butt pumpkin parade.

The festivities are fun but they also serve to point out to us that it’s been quite a while since my wife and I had an adults-only date. The last time was back in July when we were at our folks’ homes in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The grandparents were happy to watch the kids but it’s been quite a while since July.

We had a sitter whom we liked quite a lot but she’s moved in with her fiance across the San Francisco Bay. So she’s not really an option and so far our attempts to find someone we could leave 4 kids under the age of 7 with have failed. So we’re going to try something a little different. We’re going to try to do a kid-swap.

We have some good family friends who have 2 kids who are exactly the same age as our two oldest kids. And they’ve not found a sitter they feel comfortable leaving their kids with either. So we’re going to watch their kids while they have a date and then they’ll watch our kids while we get some time. It has the upside that we know they’re good with the kids and the kids will be entertained with playmates rather than watching tv. And it’s certainly cheaper than paying a sitter $14 per hour.

I’m not sure it’ll work on a regular basis but hopefully it’ll work once in a while. If we can make it work this weekend maybe my wife and I can go kayaking. Or go walk around the craft fair with a couple hundred thousand realyl swell folks.

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