Wo Wo Girl

I don’t think I’ve mentioned our youngest two kids before. We have 4 kids, two boys, two girls. The boys came first and last, the middle two are the girls. Our second youngest daughter is Wo Wo, pronounced like “Woe” or “Whoa”, twice. She’s about 2.5 years old now and got her name when she was singing one day when she was about 18 months. She was wandering around the house singing “wo wo wo wo wo wo” over and over. I asked her if she was “Wo Wo Girl”. She said yes and from that time on she has insisted that her name was Wo Wo. My wife seems to have adjusted to this but I’m not sure you could say she was exactly pleased at the development.

In our house, Wo Wo definitely gets a raw deal. The two older kids go to school and have friends that come over for playdates. Our youngest child, whom Wo Wo has named “Eyaa”, is 11 months old and he gets carried around all the time. So that leaves Wo Wo in the middle and now that she’s (recently) started talking she has been asking us “Why not me, Mama/Daddy? Why not me?”.

She says this when the big kids get to go to a friend’s house for a playdate or when they get to come on the soccer field and she has to be a spectator. At soccer games she tells me “Me want to help you” and I carry her with me during the older boys games. Now that she’s gotten older she’s moved to a new room in Sunday school and has lost her favorite teacher and she’s telling us that she wants to stay with us at church.

So basically Wo Wo gets a raw deal and we’ve been trying to fix that. Last night after soccer practice we sent everyone else into the house and Wo Wo and I stayed outside for a bit. We looked at the mountains and she spotted the 3/4 moon that had come out. Then she asked where the sun was and I told her it had gone down behind the ocean (it was dusk). So we walked down to the end of the street to a spot where we could overlook the ocean and watch the big ships go by in the distance. We could see the glow of the sunset at the horizon but she didn’t seem to accept that was where the sun had gone.

So we spent some time watching the sea and then she told me that it was time to go home to see Mama and Eeka, and Unnen and Eyaa (her names for the kids). After all, they had pasta and how could I compete with that?

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One Comment on “Wo Wo Girl”

  1. Mike Says:

    We worry about that alot with our twins. It is very hard finding the right mix. One of them wants constant attention and the other wants quite a bit less. So we have to force one away from time to time and drag the other in. Tricky stuff.

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