Bike night turns into hike night

I left work a bit early last night hoping to get home in time to take our oldest son out for a bike ride in one of the local parking lots. We’ve been practicing whenever we can in hopes of taking his training wheels off soon. We’re a bit behind on that, most of his friends already have their training wheels off and I don’t want him to get teased.

Traffic wasn’t being cooperative, last night. A semi-truck broke down in the middle of Highway 92, the narrow mountain road that leads from work to Half Moon Bay. That sent me around the mountain and added time to the commute, in addition to throwing me into traffic with everyone else who was doing the detour. By the time I got home the kids were already bathed and it was time to start their dinner. After I got dinner started my wife suggested I take what was left of the daylight and go for a hike. She didn’t have to ask twice.

The best time to visit the Coastside of the Bay Area is September – late October. The crowds disapear from the beaches and fog doesn’t come in until sundown. So the days are big, bright and cool and the sunsets/sunrises are incredible.

I headed out from the house and into the Open Space Trust that begins a block away. As I walked through the meadow the fog was beginning to build offshore and I thought I’d gain some altitude. About 800 feet up I was standing above the fog watching the sun set and light up the fog with intense color. I love when it does that.

Walking home in the dark (with the flashlight I’ve learned to carry) was creepy. The fog was so thick I could only see a few feet and the dogs in the neighborhood were howling at the skunks and raccoons that come out at night. I’m a big wuss when it comes to horror movies but if you wanted to find a scary movie setting I just walked through several really good ones last night.

With a little bit of luck I might be able to do a family hike on Friday night. We put the two littlest kids in backpacks and let the bigger ones scamper ahead of us and lead the way on the trails. When we were prepping for a hike on Saturday our oldest boy drew us a map showing the trails, mountains, bridges and each pile of horse/dog poo that we would expect to see on the trail. The boy’s got his mind on the priorities I guess.

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